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You’ve probably heard this same old story before. Boy meets girl. Girl flirts with boy. Boy asks girl out. Boy and girl fall in love, get married, and drive 500 miles away from home to buy a 1990 Chevy P30 step van to convert it into a food truck… Okay, maybe that last bit isn't part of your typical same, old story, but that's exactly what happened with Ben and Wendy--or as their closest friends and family now call them, Bendy.


Wendy grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, where she began cooking as a little girl. The play set kitchen she got for her birthday one year was just the beginning. Her love for cooking only grew as she got older, and after college, Wendy landed her dream job working in the Oxmoor House test kitchen where she tested and developed recipes for Cooking Light and Southern Living cookbooks. Long before Wendy met Ben, Wendy and her friend Jessica dreamed of owning an ice cream sandwich shop called Cookies & Cream, and they would get together to churn ice cream and bake cookies in their free time.


Meanwhile, Ben grew up in "Small Town U.S.A.," also known as Roanoke, AL--about an hour's drive north of Auburn. Most of the cooking Ben did as a kid involved making mud soup by digging holes in the back yard and filling them with water from the hose pipe. Needless to say, Ben had to clean himself up a little before he met Wendy. The two actually first met at Ben's apartment where Ben and some friends were leading a small group Bible study. Wendy attended once and never came back (so much for love at first sight). Eventually, though, their paths crossed again on a mission trip to Haiti.



Birmingham Alabama Bendy's Cookies & ice Cream food truck
Ben and Wendy Treadwell Birmingham Alabama Bendy's Cookies & ice Cream food truck

Long story short, Bendy tied the knot in April of 2014, and they even served their homemade cookies with milk at the wedding. It didn't take long before the two began planning to make the dream of Cookies & Cream a reality. Beginning in the summer of 2014, they would invite friends over to taste test some of Wendy's recipes. Their friends loved the cookies and ice cream, and they encouraged Ben and Wendy to name the business Bendy's Cookies & Cream.


In January 2015, C.C.--the soon-to-be food truck--joined their family. The remainder of 2015 saw countless hours of prayer, planning, Wendy recipe testing, and Ben getting his hands dirty again renovating the truck. Finally, everything came together in early 2016 for Bendy's Cookies & Cream to begin serving on streets and at events all across Birmingham, AL. Three years later, we opened our storefront in Cahaba Heights. 


We dedicate this business to Wendy's dad who passed away from cancer in 2012. He would be so proud to see us start a business and would have been our #1 taste tester!


A special thanks goes out to Wendy's childhood best friend, Jordan, for designing the logo and graphics; to Ben's friend, Daniel, for helping install wiring in the truck; and to Wendy's high school friend, Kelly, for website design. This would not be possible without God's blessing and the support of friends and family.

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